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unearthed® food in film 2014 winner is announced

On Wednesday night we headed into town for the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2014. This is a competition inviting photographers from all over the world to enter their photographs. The award, now in its third year, drew over 9,000 entries from around the world across a wide range of photographic categories for children and adults, traditional photographers to smartphone snappers – amateur and professional alike.

For this year, there was a film category – which we sponsored. Simon (our founder) had wanted to run a food film competition for some time and so he approached an established competition (Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year) with the idea to run it as a sponsorship with them. And hey presto, unearthed ‘food in film’ was born.

There were over 40 entries to the documentary and non-documentary categories, which were then shortlisted down to 13 finalists. The three judges had a tough challenge on their hands picking out the winners for each category, resulting in an overall winner.

The unearthed® food in film winners 2014

There were winners for each category (see below) but the judges also had to pick an overall winner. We’re really pleased to congratulate Yuki Sugiura (and her team) for her Floretine animation. Made for the Guardian’s Cook supplement, Yuki and her team worked from 8am – 3am to perfect this lovely animated recipe. A real labour of love!

Documentary category

Films in this category could depict anything from the reality of food production and the environment, a family celebration feast, the story of one food shop or café, even the contents of a fridge.

The category winner for the documentary section was Klaus Einwanger for his ‘A Truly British Chef: Fish’ film, showcasing the skill and care in preparing and serving fish featuring Graham Squire, head chef of Adam Byatt’s Trinity restaurant.

2nd was ‘Chapati at Golden Temple Kitchens, Amritsar, India’ by Moe Kafer, showing the men and women cooking chapati’s in the kitchen of the Golden Temple.

Joint 3rd was ‘Fish & Chip’s by Georgia-Glynn Smith, featuring the delightfully nostalgic 50’s, Poppies fish and chips in Spitalfields and Camden

Joint 3rd was also ‘Mushroom Hunting’ – Carl Pendle, featuring Nik Westacott, chef and mushroom foraging off on one of his expeditions to find and cook delicious wild mushrooms.

Non-documentary category

This category allowed the film-maker to tell stories, whether to sell a product (commercials are permitted) or simply to let their imagination run free.

Yuki Sugiura (as above) was the winner of this category

2nd was ‘Summer Picnic Turned Sour’ by Natasha Nicholson, a funny film about an ill-fated picnic.

3rd was ‘Tin Can Ice cream’ by Adam Craig, a kid-friendly recipe video for making ice cream, taken from the The Kid’s Only Cookbook.

We would like to congratulate all of the winners and the other finalists. If you’d like to see all 13 of the finalist films, then please visit the foodsunearthed YouTube channel.

PS Don’t forget the popcorn ;o)


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