unearthed® chorizo in the 5 Star “Haute” Dog

You may have read our Taste of London Winter blog recently. Our latest post is a little thank you/guest blog from Tum Kazunga, Head of Corporate Partnerships, from Action Against Hunger.

Once again, Action Against Hunger donned our chef aprons and headed off to Taste of London to cook up a storm at our 5 Star restaurant pop up! This time, we were at Taste of London Winter, the wintry version of the popular summer show held every November, launching a new version of our popular 5 Star Haute Dog Stand.

At the last Taste festival we had 5 amazing hot dog toppings designed by 5 amazing chefs – this time we knew we had to go one better.Hold your horses we hear you say, what’s better than 5 delicious hot dog toppings prepared by some of the best chefs in the UK?

Good question, but what about 5 completely different hot dogs, designed by 5 incredibly talented chefs?

So, up to the plate stepped our great friends, Jose Pizzaro (pictured), Jason Atherton, DJ BBQ (pictured), Valentine Warner and Alfred Prasad who each developed a unique, and, obviously, mega-delicious hot dog for us to sell.

The dog
Jose Pizarro's hot dog featuring unearthed® chorizo, Manchego and caramelised onions
Jose Pizarro
Jose Pizarro - creator of the Spanish-themed 5 Star Haute Dog
DJ BBQ at the Taste of London Winter event in front of the Action Against Hunger stand

But there was one other extra ingredient that we loved, and that was the unearthed® chorizo that they donated to us to add to Jose Pizzaro’s Spanish take on the humble hot dog which included diced Spanish chorizo (from unearthed®) with Manchego and caramelised onions (absolutely delicious!).

All this support helped us raise an amazing £8,700 just from the hot dog stand, so thank you to all our chef supporters and thank you to unearthed®!

In fact, I’m really pleased to report that, aside from generously donating kilos of chorizo, unearthed® also joined us at Taste of London Winter to help celebrate the amazing fact that they have raised over £315,000 pounds for us since 2010 by donating 1p from the sale of each of their products.

On a serious note, it’s amazing that we have the support of great chefs and companies like unearthed® who believe in what we do and support us year in and year out because make no mistake, that support is helping us save thousands of lives, every year.

So thank you unearthed® for your support, it means a lot to us, but more importantly, it means everything to the children you help us reach.

Have a Merry Christmas all

Tum Kazunga, Action Against Hunger team


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