Sept 2015 – new and limited edition lines

It’s that time of year when the summer comes to an end and it’s back to school but don’t despair – in selected Waitrose stores from Wednesday 16th September you’ll be able to discover 10 new products – delicious unearthed® olives, meats and antipasti. Here’s a peak at some of our of favourite brand new products and a little bit about them…

A few of our delicious new products - available from 14th Sept - 18th Nov 2015 in selected Waitrose stores and Ocado


Olives with Peruvian Chillies

You’ve been warned. These tiny Aji Charapita chillies from Peru have got a big kick. We discovered these chillies with the help of our friend, The Chilli Doctor, who specialises in all things spicy. Rumour has it that these are some of the hottest chillies in Peru!  Try them in a Tomato, quinoa and lime salad.

Mixed Olives with Pickled Garlic

This season we’ve added a few new varietals to our olive range. Aloreña olives from Malaga in Spain and little purple Gaetas from Italy. The Aloreñas have a naturally bitter taste so the fruity Gaeta olives and sweet pickled garlic offset this nicely.  Try them with stromboli bread.

unearthed Olives with Hot Peruvian Chillies
unearthed Smoked Tomato and Quinoa salad using the Olives with Hot Peruvian Chillies


Smoked Mixed Antipasti

Our travels in the Med have inspired to us to put together this delicious assortment of olives, tomatoes and cheese so we brought them home and decided to put some subtle smoky flavours into them. We’ve worked with a family-run smokery in Lancashire to smoke just the olives and tomatoes so the flavour of the whole mix isn’t too overpowering.  Try them with some warm rosemary focaccia.

Red & Yellow Tomatoes with Basil

This mix is nice and simple. Succulent SunSoaked® tomatoes from the Andes in Chilli are enrobed in a simple basil dressing. Our basil hails from Veneto in the North East of Italy where huge fields of it grow soaking up the hot Mediterranean sun.  Try in a provolone and raddichio salad.

Feta with Za’atar & Chilli

We’ve taken our inspiration from farther afield this time with some flavoursome Middle Eastern Za’atar. Paired with lemon and pickled chilli this feta will liven up any dish!  Try it in our marinated feta, artioke, sumac and lemon salad with brussel sprouts recipe.

unearthed Smoked Mixed Antipasti
unearthed Smoked Mixed Antipasti with foccacia - try making our focaccia
Feta with Za'atar and Chilli
Feta artichoke, sumac and lemon salad with Brussels sprouts


Teruel Ham

This ham comes from Teruel in North Eastern Spain which has a dry climate that is perfect for curing meats. Large pork legs are matured for 16-months allowing plenty of time for a strong flavour to develop. Try with chargrilled peaches.

Italian Cured Loin

We discovered this beautifully cured pork loin near Lake Como in Italy. It’s one of our leaner products which means it’s the perfect match with a creamy cheese like mozzarella.  Try in a rocket and mozzarella salad.

Piacenza Two Cured Meats Platter

The meats in this platter were discovered in Piacenza in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. This is an area well-known for traditional, cured pork products so we couldn’t help but try some. The Coppa is made from pork shoulder and the marbling throughout gives it a great flavour- similar to prosciutto!  The Salame Piacentino is made as a whole cured sausage which we’ve sliced, perfect to eat on their own or with some crusty bread.

Both of these are PDO approved which means that the products are produced in a specific area using a specific method.  Try with honey and rosemary roasted figs.

Black Forest Smoked Selection Pack

Black Forest ham is a true delicacy- smoked with Beechwood this is a really traditional product with a full and distinctive flavour. We’ve smoked one of the salamis and added a little bit of Kirsch to the other to give a hint of sweetness which complements the existing sweet flavours in the meat.  Try with cornichons and pickled onions.

Salame Piacentino
Coppa Piacentina
Piacenza Salami with roasted figs & honey on toasted focaccia with smoked gouda
unearthed Black Forest Smoked Selection Platter
uneathed Black Forest Smoked Selection Platter with cornichons and pickles recipe


Red Pepper and Paprika Omelette

Spanish omelettes are one of our favourites so we’re glad to have found this delicious new discovery with the addition of some slightly spicy Espelette pepper. It can be eaten straight from the pack or heated in the microwave or frying pan, perfect for lunches or dinner.  Try with Serrano ham.

Let us know what you think of the new products when you’ve tried them and how you’re cooking with them. For the complete product listing and store locator click here.  



Did that chicken lay those potatoes?

John Jamieson-

The whole of your range is UTTERLY AMAZING! For example, We think your Leccino and Nocellara olives are the best we’ver ever tasted – mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I just wish you weren’t just in Waitrose – We’re in Cornwall, and our nearest is 60 miles away in Saltash (Ocado won’t come this far). Well, there will be a new Waitrose in Truro next year, so we’l just have to hang on.

In the meantime, keep up the fabulous work, and THANK YOU for the care and quality you put in.

    Susie White-

    Wow John, what lovely praise, thanks for your very kind words. Great taste with the Nocellara and Leccino olives, they’re definitely a favourite. Sorry to hear we’re not so easy to get hold of, we know that can be a bit of a bug bear for some people. We’ve got our fingers crossed for the Truro branch too. #keepdiscovering and keep in touch if you make any tasty discoveries you think we should add to the range! thanks Susie

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