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Q&A with Natasha Nicholson – unearthed® ‘food in film’ 2014 finalist

Natasha Nicholson was our 2nd place non-documentary winner of the unearthed® food in film award 2014 – a category of Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2014. Her video ‘Hold the Tomatoes’ (scroll down to watch) is the beautifully shot story of an ill-fated picnic. We caught up with her to find out how she got into food film-making and what the actors really think of tomatoes.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a commercial food and lifestyle photographer in Toronto, Canada. I’m also very passionate about food, cooking and recipe development

What is your background?
I’ve been working as a photographer for approx 15-17 yrs

What did you study at college/university?
I studied a 4 yr photography program at University and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts

When did you first get into film?
I first started shooting video about 4 years ago after being asked to do a motion test for a client and now it’s part of my job now more than still photography sometimes!

The gadget I can’t do without, when filming, is a hand-held rig

How did Hold the Tomatoes come about?
I was imagining a portfolio piece that would showcase both food and lifestyle in film with a commercially viable look and feel

What was your inspiration?
Summer weather and seasonal produce

How long did the film take to make?
One day to shoot, many days to produce and many cuts in the edit suite

Who was on the team?
Two actors that are actually married in real life (and who in reality both love tomatoes). A food stylist, hair and make-up stylist, assistant, producer, colour grader, and two editors

What was the hardest/most difficult part about making the film?
Staying in focus while hand holding a rig

Do you need any special equipment to make food films?
Whatever works in the moment. A great lens for food is always helpful

What gadget can you not do without when you’re photographing/filming?
Hand-held rig

Where did you hear about the competition?
While in London I saw it advertised and the signage on the building itself where the exhibition was held

How has winning the competition helped your career?
I think an online presence in as many ways as possible is important. Social media and its exposure are extremely helpful in getting the work seen and your name reinforced in people’s minds

And now for the foodie questions

What is your favourite dish?
I love sushi and middle eastern food and of course – tomatoes!

What’s your most memorable meal
Anything that gives me a food hangover the next day

Where in the world would you most like to eat?
Somewhere by the ocean

To find out more at Natasha’s work, visit her website – Natnic Photo .


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