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Pink Lady® Food Photography Awards 2016

We’reConnie-Laws-image working with some great up-and-coming bloggers this year and they’re joining us on some of the events we get a chance to go along to. Up first is Connie Law (left), who joined us at the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Awards 2016. She’s written us a guest blog about the evening.  So it’s over to Connie…

Admitting you take photos of food usually results in a few sniggers and eye rolls. I would know, I’ve already confessed. Over the last year I’ve become a committed foodstagrammer, and of the 10,000 or so photos on my phone camera roll, about 75% of them are of something edible. You’re sniggering a little aren’t you?! Once upon a time that would have turned me all shades of pink and embarrassed me into putting the camera away but I’ve since realised that food photography is a form of art and journalism in its own right and after paying attending this year’s Pink Lady® Food Photography Awards ceremony and exhibition, I’m absolutely convinced of it.

I really didn’t know what to expect – would it just be photo after photo of perfectly styled, mouth wateringly delicious #foodporn? Well, yes and no. With categories ranging from Food Portraiture to Politics of Food, there were those incredible shots that made me want to reach in and grab that monstrously decadent sandwich with the cheese oozing out, but there were also those shots which made you think twice about you’re eating and where it comes from.

Winner: The Politics Of Food - Marchin Jurcha
Winner: Food Sn-apping - Lucy Pope

With entries from photographers based all over the world, the photos captured a wide range of perspectives and ideas which I really loved. It reminded me just how central food is to our lives – not only in a literal sense as a source of nourishment, but how important it is to our cultures. I particularly enjoyed the Food for Sale and Food Adventures categories which perfectly portrayed how people interact with food all over the world – buying, selling, trading, sharing. It’s something I am always keen on discovering while on our travels, and my partner can definitely attest to the fact I could spend hours wandering through a food market anywhere in the world.

A category which also had me engrossed was unearthed®’s ‘Food in Film’, which contained both documentary and non-documentary films. The brief was to create an exciting, impactful, moving, funny short film which is not an easy task when you’re limited to 120 seconds. Some had me mesmorised by the shots of chefs in action, while the ultimate winner (Carl Pendle’s ‘Chilli Festival’) showing contestants in a chilli eating competition had me in fits of laughter!

Food in Film winner - Carl Pendle's Chilli Festival

There were two other categories which caught my eye, Food Bloggers and Food Sn-apping where all photos had to be taken on a mobile phone. As someone who does both these things, it’s not hard to figure out why I loved the photos here, but believe me when I say they were no less impressive than the entries in other categories. It just goes to show that bloggers take as much pride in their content as any other publication, and more importantly for me as someone who hasn’t yet graduated to a proper camera – how powerful a tool your phone camera can be!

Winners: Food Portraiture - Jean CazalsWinner and Food Bloggers - Olimpia Davies

The whole evening had me brimming with excitement and inspiration. Not only do I want to improve my own photography on Connie Consumes, but I really want to make sure that I’m more creative with the moments I capture when we’re out and about, whether that be walking through my local Tooting Market stalls or further afield in our weekend jaunts around Europe!

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