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Lunches for kids – unearthed® style (guest blog) by Jenny Tschiesche

Recently our family had the most amazing weekend tasting lunchbox foods created from a fantastic range at unearthed®. It seems to me that what the team from unearthed® are really good at is going to places in the world where they are the best at producing a particular food. Even better they then bring that food back to us in the UK. When we enjoyed some of their food range last weekend it became obvious to me that a lot of their food range is not only suitable for lunchboxes, it is ideal.

Although Susie, at unearthed® said “I’m glad you want to review our products because people don’t always think of them as all that healthy”. I replied that “I prefer real food made from real ingredients over any of the cheaper processed offerings a lot of companies make for lunchboxes these days”. It’s really that simple. Whilst they provide a range of fantastic pate’s, cold meats, and sausages they also deliver some brilliant olive combinations, dips that are varied and fresh, as well as a protein-packed potato omelette that went down extremely well in our tasting session – in short just great tasting, real food.

a lot of the range is not only suitable for lunchboxes, it is ideal. Great-tasting foods that need very little effort to make into lunchbox dishes

So what did we try? Well, the garlic prawn kebabs were great as they were. I also decided to serve them in a couple of different ways too. The prawns wrapped in a little iceberg sleeping bag and the kebabs with a chunk of cucumber inter-layered were both a real hit with my 5-year-old.

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I knew the chorizo would win over my husband who has a love of foods with strong flavours. What he likes my 8-year-old daughter also tends to like so these lunchbox ideas were very well received indeed. The chorizo and melon combination was extremely popular closely followed by the ‘no bun’ chorizo cheeseburger – that’s a cherry tomato cut in half and then lettuce, chorizo and garlic cream cheese sandwiched between the two halves. The blini’s were great too. As a sandwich alternative these work really well with a whole host of fillings or toppings.

As for the olives well we chose to sample the olives with pesto. For me an obvious lunchbox combination involving olives is a really simple pasta dish. The olives were simply chopped and then once the pasta was cooked I stirred in the chopped olives and the pesto oil that gathers in the base of the pack. This keeps the pasta moist and tasty and provides a great flavour for the pasta. The kids really enjoyed this. We adults enjoyed both the olive pasta and the olives whole.

…and finally for my egg-loving daughter we tried the Spanish Potato Omelette. It was great warmed up. She really enjoyed it. As a lunchbox food this is a really useful, quick and easy stand-by for a busy parent. It can be eaten hot or cold so all you need do is take it out of its pack and chop it into smaller portions.

We really enjoyed our lunchbox tasting session with foods provided by unearthed®. If you haven’t heard of them then I suggest you take a closer look at their product range. They provide some great-tasting foods that need very little effort to make into lunchbox dishes. They source the best and most authentic flavours from places in the world where they know their food. When you look at the price of the products you will find that once you have divided up the food into portions and put together the other lunchbox items you can still make a fabulously delicious and balanced lunchbox meal for less than the cost of most school lunches and you can be assured of the quality and provenance of the food.

Jenny Tschiesche is the Founder of Lunchbox Doctor™. Lunchbox Doctor™ provides lunchbox advice to parents and children who want to eat healthy, balanced lunchboxes. Jenny is one of the UK’s leading nutrition experts in children’s nutrition and runs regular clinic’s workshops and webinars covering issues as varied as fussy eating and food intolerance. You can find out more at Lunchbox Doctor and join the growing global community of parents interested in feeding their children healthy lunches on Facebook


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